Hey, you know that sweet thing you do that saves you time and/or money? I thought we could share them. Here are mine:

Homemade Stock for Scrap
Making waste into wholesome delicious.

1. Put a small bucket or big jar in your freezer
2. Use it to save up all your vegetable scraps and the juice from vegetables in cans
3. When the jar is full, thaw it, pour it in a pot.
4. Cover with water and boil until the water is brown and it smells delicious.
5. Cool it until it is cold enough to handle
6. Strain out the chunks. Pour it into an airtight bread bags, knot and freeze.
7. Later, thaw and enjoy the Best unsalted vegetable stock ever.
Recycled Vegetable Scrubbie

I eat a lot of fruit. Fruit comes in mesh plastic bags. I also have many vegetables to wash. You can make a free recycled scrubbie from these bags.

1) Tear the label part off the bag (if there is one).

2) Cut the pull cord off one side. Leave the other side anchored.

3) Thread the end of the cord through random holes in the mesh until your scrubbie is a respectable abrasive wad.
4) Tie a knot to anchor it together.

Non Toxic Cleaner from Orange Peel
1) Save your orange peels (or any citrus fruit)
2) Lay them out in your fridge until they’re dry and hard.
3) Drop them in the bath with you to chemically exfoliate. You will come out soft and smooth.
4) Or boil them down to a dark “tea”, plug the drain and use the stronger version to clean the scum off the tub.

No matter what you clean with it, it will smell of oranges.

If you have any cool tips please comment and share them!