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I have a few innate talents and among them I count clarity and concision of speech. Because these are the default modes to how I talk and given the fact that I will talk to anyone, I have a habit of making the press every so often. This Spring I made the papers four times. Twice in ways that barely count; I sent letters to the editors of The Seattle Times and The Bellingham Herald and they were both published. Which was cool but the story was about to get better.

On May the first I joined strikers because well, people who have the luxury of striking should. The MayDay strike was in solidarity with marchers around the nation (and world) fighting for equality and justice.


I talk to my kids all the time about civic engagement so I should probably get off my butt and be more than the minimal citizen. Also, I wasn’t in the classroom that day so I had Zero reasons not to. So I went, and I guess the photo journalist thought I was visually interesting while yelling because they put me on the front page. I’m not mentioned much in the full story but it was still pretty sweet.

Lastly, I made the student paper. Last year when I was president of The Freethinker’s Society (now Freethinkers of WWU) My co-president and I decided to spoof some of the mean kids on the internet by throwing a wacky party and it was so popular it’s now a tradition. You can read the whole story here, but sadly the student paper did not put up all the gorgeous full color photos on the internet. It was a two page color spread so I thought I would scan in the best ones here. If there seems to be a double up, it’s because of the layout of the page and my scanner.

Below picture is captioned.   Behold our officiant in all his glory!



Here we are putting names in the hat.

Here’s Eva Giselle and My little brother Eric McKenzie



Eat Rice Suckers!

Left to right: Arynn McKenzie, Caitlyn Cecchetto, Eva Giselle

Here we are drawing names from the hat of fate and drinking Kool-Aid.


Go Rod! This beats the heck out of that years spouses.