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Hey, check out this skull quilt I made!

Wait, what’s the pattern on those pillows? Yep, it’s a subtle, kinda grown-up, Batman.


Admit it, my bed set is cooler than yours. Never fear though, that does not have to be true! If you can sew a straight line, you too can make this awesome bedroom set.

You will need:

2ish yards of batman cloth

193 4×4 Black Squares

47 4×4 Red Squares

1 full size flat sheet

1 bag quilt batting

First the easiest pillows ever. If these aren’t your exact dimensions, whatever.

1. Spread out your fabric. Cut on the red line. Image


2. Fold on red line

3. Sew along the long edges. Hem. Tada, pillow case.

Okay now for the hard part, the quilt. My original inspiration came from Spike Gillespie, who got the idea from Boo Davis, etc. Image

1. Cut your squares from whatever you have laying around. (I happened to have 7 old black t-shits and 3 old red shirts.)

193 4×4 Black Squares

47 4×4 Red Squares

2. Step two lay them out in a pattern. Here’s my pattern.


Yep, it’s just folded notebook paper. Note laying out your squares according to your pattern will take A LOT of floor space.

3. Gather the rows into piles, topmost being the left side of each row, bottom being the right side. Label each pile 1-15. Each pile will be 15 squares high.

4. Sew each row together keeping the label on the top square. You will get long strips labeled 1-15. They will look like cool stripey scarves.

5. Put strips 1 and two right-side together. Sew. Affix 3 to 2 and so on. Eventually you will have a giant blanket thing. Lay it out on the floor.

6. Layer the quilt top, sheet, and batting like this.


7. Sew along three edges. Then reach inside the insane

Imagething you just made. Grab the sewn corners in-between the sheet and quilt top.

8. Turn inside out. Bam Quilt! turn the quilt top over the batting on the bottom edge and sew to the sheet.